What is the difference between a private chef and a personal chef?

A private chef cooks for one family and prepares their daily meals, as needed. They may even live with them. A personal chef has several clients, usually one per day, and prepares and packages multiple meals in the client’s home for them to heat and eat throughout the next few days.

Can’t you just cook the food at your home and deliver it to me?

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This is not possible due to Health Department regulations which require that foods to be resold either be prepared in a licensed commercial kitchen or in the client’s home. This way you are assured of the quality of the environment in which your meals are prepared.

What if my kitchen doesn’t have what you need?

No problem. All we require from you is a clean kitchen with a stove and refrigerator and freezer space for the prepared meals. We will conduct a kitchen interview at our initial consultation to see what equipment and tools you do have that we may use. Whatever you don’t have we’ll bring with us. We can also help you purchase basic kitchen items, if you wish.

I'm on a specific diet. Can you cater to it?

This is what puts the “personal” in Life of Riley Personal Chef Service. We will be basing your menus on our consultation, which helps me discover your likes and dislikes, allergies and restrictions. We will personalize your meals to any diet you are following. We have years of experience in cooking for food allergies, including gluten, casein, egg, and soy, as well as an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu. We always looks forward to new challenges in the way of special diets, and take comfort in knowing that our food has had a healing effect on our clients' bodies and lives.

Why do I need whole foods in my life? Aren't they more expensive?

We consider organic and local foods to be the best investment in your family's healthcare. By eating foods that haven't been highly processed and are rid of pesticides and unnatural chemicals (preservatives, additives, food colorings, artificial flavorings, etc...) you are making sure to provide your family with the best defenses toward disease and medical conditions. We have studied the effects that toxins in our food, our home and our environment have on our mental and physical health, including links to cancer, asthma, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and ADHD. We have taken steps to rid our own diets of most preservatives and highly-processed foods, and have also eliminated the toxic synthetic chemical cleaners from our homes and replaced them with natural and non-toxic cleaners, which has resulted in better overall health for us. We will cook for you and clean up your kitchen in the same non-toxic manner, and hope to pass on the good health to you.

Can I afford a personal chef?

Absolutely! When you consider the cost of groceries(including those you purchase that go bad before you can use them or turn into a bad cooking experiment), time to plan multiple, healthy meals, shopping, cooking and clean-up time, you will find the price is very affordable. Or if you find yourself eating out more often than not and calculate the cost of these dinners and tips compared to a personalized menu of healthy foods served in your own home, you may find this service has saved you not only money, but also time and health.

How do I get started?

Contact me and we will schedule a time for your FREE consultation. During our meeting we will discuss your dietary needs, meal plans that suit you, and just how I can personalize my service for you and your lifestyle.